Our company Tunapel Kids is one of the biggest trampoline manufacturer company in Europe Area. Its production plant is located in Antalya City of Turkey. Antalya is Worlds one of the best touristic city on the Earth. If you have time you may visit our plant and you may make a small sunny holiday.


We manufacture high quality indoor and outdoor trampolines and trampoline parks in Turkey. All our trampolines and their equipments are manufactured according to international quality and safety standarts.


Trampolines are very exciting devices for both adults and kids. All our trampolines can carry person which is as heavy as 150kg. Juniour trampolines (toddler trampolines) are cheaper than olympics. But olympics have the ability to throw higher. Their dimensions are more big than juniour trampolines. All of them can be used long years even under the sun.

Our systems (trampolines) are reinforced with steel construction inside. And wrapped with a special sponge layyer inside. And finished with shiny PVC layer. Inside the trampolin is completly soft to prevent injury.


If you are a trampoline supplier or trampoline reseller we can give you with wholesale prices. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We can do special design for your area and areas' dimensions.


If you are looking for a commercial trampoline manufacturer company you may call us.


Our company Tunapel Kids use premium quality Turkish raw materials. We never use Chinese raw materials. Because fo this reason our products have long life. And because of Turkish raw materials price advantage our products are advantages price products.


As you know trampolines mostly used under the sun. And material quality effect the life more then indoor use. We have too many happy customer that they use under the sun. If you plan to buy small or big scale trampolines (both juniour trampoline and olympic trampoline) our products are advantages price and high quality.

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 Cihadiye Mh.  83. Sk 19/1 Aksu - Antalya/Turkey 

 T:+90 242 462 16 00

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