Tunapel Kids is a soft play reseller company in Antalya/Turkey. We manufacture soft play system using premium quality raw materials. Our technicians can do installation all over the world. We have a young design team that can apply any theme to our products. For example if your company name is Windmill Cafe, we can do design with a gate seems like windmill. We dont have limititations for design work.
Our production team is well experienced about soft play manufacturing process. We have 2 different production plant in 2 different cities in Turkey. 
Soft Play Reseller
Big plant is in Bursa very near to Istanbul. Its around 250km from Istanbul. Second plant is in Antalya and its a new plant a little smaller than Bursa production plant. Both production plants have a capacity of 1800sqm soft play. Our company group is biggest manufacturer in Tukey. Nearly 60-70% of the Turkish user choise our products.
We are the biggest soft play reseler in Turkey. And we are walking to be one of the biggest in Europe. We plan to be in first 3 in Europe in next 5 years.