June 16, 2020

The easiest way to learn is through games! This is why we call preschools "game schools". All children in the world know the language of games.

In a play school, creating a child-friendly environment is the most important thing. Today, indoor plush toys are in great dem...

June 15, 2020

Indoor soft playground and toddler playgrounds  are an integral part of the indoor playground. They provide  the best way for children to take advantage of the spacious space organized by adventure and exploration activities, which can provide a safe indoor space.


June 10, 2020

Firstly, soft play toys will awake their senses:

 When babies learn everything through their senses at age 0-2 (sensory motor scene), the choice of plush toys can help them expand their horizons.

Help the children to easily feel the sensitive toys. Colored plush toys are...

June 6, 2020