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Our company is a successfull trampoline park manufacturer company in Antalya City of Turkey.  We manufacturer our trampolines using premium quality Turkish raw materials. All our designs and materials comply with ASTM F2970-15, BSI PAS 5000 and EN 13219 standarts. We can do installation all over the world. 

Trampoline parks are new concept entertaintment areas and physical education activities. You can entertain while you make excercise. And kids and adults can do activities together. With these advantages it is fastly developed in 3 years. In esspecially Western Europe most of the cities have several trampoline park areas.

We start first designing. In this stage we need to have an area layout of playground area. We make a 2D draft to show which activites we may use on the area. And we share all details with our customer. When our customer confirm the 2D layout we start 2nd stage designing

In our second stage designing we draw a 3D drawing show all details. We do design that meet our customers expections. We add activities, we apply collors and themes. We do revisions with customers advices. Our main isue is allways safety. We make design comply with all safety rules. And we give latest renders to our customer. When our design confirmed we send the design to production projecting department.

In projecting department all details are drawen comply with standarts and we create production project. We do project comply with ASTM F2970, EN 13219 and PAS 5000 

Finished projects are sent to manufacturing department. We have a powerfull trampoline park manufacturer team. We have the ability to manufacture any design. Our manufacturing team works in 5.000 sqm close area in Antalya City of Turkey. We have two factories. Tunapel is the leading trampoline park manufacturer in Turkey