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Production Stages in a Soft Play Manufacturer Company

Production stages start with design work in a soft play manufacturer company. Designers use 3D design softwares for a collorful 3D modelling. Our designer may create a design just same as our customers expections.

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After 3D designing work projecting engineers do a control on that design. With this control we want to be sure that our design is comply with these rules.

1. SAFETY: Is it safe or not (This is most important rule)

2. DURABILITY: Is it strong enough. If material sellection is true or not?

3. APPLICABILITY: If that design can be applied or not. For example the slide can be fit that area? Or if sliding distance enough? Like that.

4. FUN: If that design give kids fun or not

5. ATRACTION: Atraction of the collors and theme

6. COST: If soft play design cost is reasonable or not

If all these rules are provided by the design it may be sent to the customer. After customer rewiev design team may do some reviosn with customers advices. When all confirmed by the customer we send the design to the projecting department for soft play production designing

Our project engineers prepare a production project including part details, content list, soft play installation diagrams and other notes.

Our production department start production with that prepared soft play project. After production our technicians do a demo installation to chek if any problem exist on production or not. After all confirmed by installation technicians, goods are ready for shipment. We pack the goods and load in a container and send all over the world.

When the goods arrive on customers site our installation team complete installation as soon as possible. After tests and controls our customer may use the soft play area.

Our company is experienced soft play manufacturer in Turkey

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