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How a Trampoline Park Manufacturer Company Proced a Trampoline Park Project

Our company Tunapel Kids is well known and successful trampoline park manufacturer company in Turkey. It manufactures premium quality trampoline park areas in all over the world.

Trampoline parks are a good fitness activity. Too many muscles work when you jump on a trampoline. When you jump on a trampoline one hour your body burns a 400-600 cal energy that means a very hard physical activity. 10 minutes jumping is equal to 30 minutes jogging effect.

Besides being hard activity it gives people flying feelings. And this gives the trampoline park fun activity. And suitable for small to old ages. Kids can do the trampoline activity with their parents. With these advantages trampoline park bussiness raise fast in the market.

Customer generally visit our factory as a trampoline park manufacturer. When a customer comes to us first we ask an area layout. We need to know ceiling height, door's dimensions, and customers' expectations if exists. When we get this information we develope a work plan. Generally we generate a top view layout where the activities planed. We send this 2D layout to the customer and ask his or her ideas.

Trampoline Park Manufacturer

When we agree with our customer, design stage starts. We have young but well experienced design team. They develope a 3D view with different angles.

When customer like the design, designers send the work to our project team engineers. Our engineers start to work on its production. They prepare all part details like a production hand book. All collors, all small details writen on that paper.

And production team is ready to manufacture the project. Manufacturing stage takes 1-8 weeks depending on the project. But because of recent works on production we give 6-10 weeks as a leading time. When all production finished we do test installation to see if any problem point exist or not. After solve all problems we pack the goods and load in a container and ship to the customers port.

When goods arrive to customers location and customer area is suitable for installation we send our installation team. They install all parts carrefully. And we finish the trampoline park.

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