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Working with an Experienced Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Working with an experienced trampoline park manufacturer is very important to reduce accident and injury risks.

As a trending bussiness trampoline areas are high profit work in the World. You set up a trampoline park with a limited invest. And most of the areas you may get that invest in only 6-8 months. This is a miracle. Because with no other work you earn this money in 6-8 months. With this profit trampoline park industry develop so fast

The main reason of this development is trampoline areas is a sport and also fun. Because while jumping you feel like flying and also most of your muscles are working. And this activity can be done with your kids. And added too many fun activities like foam pit, challange games, ninja courses etc. These areas is fun places for all family.

With this developement too many companies started to manufacture trampoline parks. They instpect some installed areas and they manufacture without any safety approach.

Trampoline Areas Dangerous If Its Manufactured Without Standarts

In the World there are 2 standarts. ASTM and PAS have trampoline park standarts. These standarts calculate all risks and set some rules to prevent all injuries. If a trampoline court manufactured and installed comply with ASTM and or PAS safety standarts that area is eleminate nearly all risk. And if also customer menage his work with these standarts injury risks drop to very very low levels.

Our company is one of the biggest in trampoline parks industry. As an experienced trampoline park manufacturer we apply all rules of ASTM F 2970-15 and PAS 5000 standarts.

Please contact us to see our quality and safety approach.

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