• Behcet S. turhan

Tighten By Jumping

Do you know that only 15-20 minutes of exercise with a trampoline will both give you pleasure and put your body in shape? One of the biggest advantages of surprisingly effective trampoline exercises is that you can do sports at home with a mini trampoline that you will buy. The five main benefits of this exercise, which will tighten your whole body, renew, lose weight, burn fat, and above all, will make you feel like a child again.

Detox Effect The lymphatic system, which is part of the circulatory system, functions to remove accumulated toxins from the body. Stating that the lymph fluid gains more effect with gravity, experts say that toxins are removed faster every time you jump, thanks to the increased gravity. This means stronger immunity, better circulation and digestive system.

Stress Relieving Jumping with a slight intensity will direct the blood flow towards the less used muscles and relax your tired muscles that you use excessively. More importantly, it will increase your body's secretion of endorphins, also called the hormone of happiness. Since the action of jumping takes place with the naturalness of gravity, it will also purify your mind from all thoughts.

Improving Balance Jumping on the trampoline also helps to improve the sense of balance. Because as we leap, our body actively uses the eyepiece and inner ear canal, which means improving balance, timing, coordination and responses.

Gaining Power Since the bones are living tissues that are constantly demolished and reconstructed, the action of jumping on the trampoline, which increases the vertical attraction force up to three times, serves to strengthen the resistance of the bones. Unlike sports like weight training, jumping also causes minimal damage to joints, cartilage and the spine.

Fun Yes, we mentioned that jumping will make you happy like a child. There is no scientific explanation for this, it is really fun to do sports by jumping. Since you have fun, you have a better chance of making sports regularly. In short, if you complain that you cannot gain sports habits, you should definitely try trampoline exercises!

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