• Behcet S. turhan

History of trampoline

Trampoline: It is the system that enables the person or persons to jump with their own power thanks to galvanized springs.

It has been produced and used in different ways in many fields such as slimming, various branches of sports and entertainment.

There are many stories about the ancient origin of the trampoline.Eskimos did the oldest trampoline by stretching the skin of the walrus animal, and it was used as a springboard to gain superiority to each other.

Another story is that strong blankets were used to toss up their leaders to air in the UK.

Spring mattresses used to entertain people in circuses in the early twentieth century can be called trampolines.

Trampoline developed by Du Trampoline, who is a trapeze player in circus; With wide and high netting nets used as safety net in trapezes are among the closest to today.

George Nissen, the inventor of today's modern trampoline, born in Blairstown, Iowa on February 1, 1914, is known as the American gymnastics legend.

Nissen was inspired by the safety nets used in the circus when he was in high school in 1930, and together with his trainer Larry Griswold, they designed the modern trampoline of today.

After these dates, the trampoline became a tool that can be used individually. The first world championship of the trampoline was held in Royal Albert Hall in London in 1964.

The trampoline entered the Olympics in 2000 in the gymnastics branch in Sydney.

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