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Children can relax in the soft play playground and also they can find their favorite games, discharge their energy.

They also increase their social relationships, provide physiological development,

improve their examination-reasoning skills in the soft play playground.

Soft play playground contain various game elements and are designed for the purpose of the game.

However, due to the rapid construction and urbanization, the absence of large areas and plots that will allow children to have group activities that require large areas such as running, cycling, etc., increases the need for soft play playgrounds day by day.

Soft play playground is the most important area for contributing to children's physical and mental development.

Soft play playground should be easily and safely accessible in a short time by car or pedestrian from all living units, schools.

Children should can play freely and comfortably together in the soft play playground.

Children's playgrounds should be large and safe to get enough accommodate play materials that will appeal to different age groups.

The entire soft play playground can be seen from many places and children should be watched by adults

Soft play playgrounds should be attractive for children with own planning and design of games.

Safety standards should be prioritized in children's playground equipment.

Children love to play with interesting materials in indoor soft play playgrounds.

Because children want their play equipment to be interesting, available in different colors, designs and for different purposes.

It is important for both families and children that space can be used for more than one purpose.

Areas such as party room, activity room in the playground are options that provide extra profit.

Children need flexible spaces and materials that they can make and change themselves.

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