• Behcet S. turhan

8 benefits of trampoline for children

Children love trampolines!The trampoline has been realized to be beneficial not only for entertainment but also for children when used regularly.

1. Affects learning success As children learn to control their body's movements, their learning capacity increases. Since jumping on the trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, children can see an improvement in their learning success when they regularly use trampolines.

2. Teaches persistence It takes time for children to make difficult movements and jumps on the trampoline, but it is fun to try and learn. Even if it takes time, children will be willing to learn.

3. Improves motor skills Children should work together on both sides of their brain and both sides of their bodies to maintain their coordination and balance while jump on the trampoline. This helps increase motor skills.

4.Increases self-confidence As a child gains new skills on the trampoline, his confidence increases. Children discover their own strengths.Success brings self-esteem.

5. Cardiovascular exercises Jumping on a trampoline increases children's heart rate, which helps the development of the heart muscles. Trampoline is an exercise for the heart.

6. Improved posture Just like jumping on the trampoline improves children's balance, it can improve their posture. The floor of the trampoline constantly moves up and down, children are constantly aware of their center of gravity while jumping on the trampoline, which teaches both posture and balance.

7.Exercise that looks like fun Jumping on the trampoline is an exercise that looks like fun and is perfect for children who do not like to attend sports classes or sports activities. A trampoline offers fun physical fitness for children, and also offers the chance to move their bodies and exercise for a few minutes a day or more without realizing it!

8. Increases flexibility Jumping on the trampoline strengthens, lengthens, and increases flexibility.

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