• Behcet S. turhan

Rock climbing for kids...

Do your kids love climbing the walls? Perhaps it's time to take it to real climbing places where they can learn how to do it, but to those who are properly equipped. Rock climbing is a sport that can be applied inside or outside. It also has great benefits, such as increasing mobility and flexibility and providing full-body exercise. And it's great for kids as this is a very exciting and fun activity. Although altitude has given people the impression of a dangerous sport, rock climbing has actually proven safer than traditional sports like hockey and rugby. Of course, as with all adventure sports, the necessary security measures must have been taken. What are the benefits of rock climbing at an early age?

Both indoor and outdoor climbing offers many advantages to anyone who does this sport. Climbing will help them build both a healthy body and mind. Rock climbing at such an early age can be particularly beneficial for their development, as children develop their motor skills, and bodies. It allows them to build strength in their arms and legs, and helps coordination, balance and stability. In addition, climbing teaches children patience and confidence and increases their concentration.

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