• Behcet S. turhan

The rising truth of the rapidly growing entertainment

Electronic games and toys are spreading rapidly all over the world and are in great demand.

They started to be preferred at homes, workplaces, and playgrounds. Manufacturers integrate them into softplays, trampoline parks. Wherever they are used, they add great value to spend quality time. Playing games until recently was considered peculiar to children, but lately, this has changed a lot. Now even older people enjoy playing games and going to game centers. The biggest factor here is that electronic games give us the pleasure of playing games with little physical effort. In this way, they can appeal to all age groups. Electronic games have striking effects in terms of mental activity. They also enable us to improve our reflexes while keeping us mentally active. In this respect, electronic games are integrated into soft playgrounds and trampoline parks that will appeal to children, young people, and adults. Thanks to them, we can experience more the excitement of competition and success.

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