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An Ordinary Day in A Trampoline Park Manufacturer

Morning starts at 9.00 oclock in a trampoline park manufacturer. All stuff start with a cup of tea or coffe to the new working day. In the morning sales team and design team have a small meeting to organize all days' program. They create a design queue and design team start to develop new designs.

After this meeting sales team, projecting team and production team have a meeting to organize new production queue. Production team inform sales team about ongoing productions. And also projecting team inform sales and production team about their works' stages.

Trampoline Park Manufacturer

With these informations sales team update their customers about their projects' stages. And they start to reply email and reply phone calls of new customers. In our sales team they speak many different languages to give their customers better services.

As an experienced trampoline park manufacturer Tunapel Kids manufacture premium quality trampoline parks

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