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Kids Safety in Playground Areas

Kids safety in playground areas is very important. Kids allways try to find something suprising their mothers and fathers. They allways search dangerous things like climbing to the high points or putting their fingers to the electric plugs. They never think about its end. Because they are young and unexperienced. They do these unexpected things because of trying to have experience

Kids Safety in Playground Areas

But sometimes this experience results injury or even death. To avoid these results we must take precautions to close these safety bugs. With tens of years experinces, institutes develope some safety standarts line EN 1176 and EN 1177.

In these standarts all details are explained and adviced to cover them. Both manufacturers and place owners are responsible to apply these standarts. In many countries local authorities check if these standarts applied or not. If comply with the standarts they give permission to work. Otherwise they do not let to work.

As a result applying standarts best solution to prevent safety problems. Our company allways follow these standarts.

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