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Experienced Indoor Playground Manufacturer

Our company Tunapel Kids is experienced indoor playground manufacturer in Turkey. We use premium quality Turkish raw materials and use our well educated man power and manufactures premium quality indoor playground areas.

All raw materials are flame retardent and have certificates that shows no harmfull content inside. In design, projecting, production and installation stage our team follow EN 1176 and EN 1177 standarts in indoor playground manufacturing process.

Indoor Playground Manufacturer

We allways generate innovative designs that attract kids to our customer store. In our design stage we have five important criteria

1. Safety of the kids

2. Attraction of the area

3. Functionality of the playground

4. Stability of the product

5. Applicability of the design

When design is prepared we never send the design to the customer directly. Our project department control the design carrefully. If above five criteria is confirmed than they let the desgn to be sent to the customer. Otherwise they ask revision about the point that can not meet above criteria..

Then we may do a production just as the same of our design. Our products is nearly the same as our 3D designs. We apply all details carrefully. Our products is more than 90% similiar to our designs.

If you feel this trust please contact us. We allways will be glad to serve you.


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