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Soft Play Supplier Company

Tunapel Kids is a soft play supplier and manufacturer company with premium quality playgrounds. All raw materials have quality certificates that show they have no harmfull content inside. And also our company have EN 1176 and EN 1177 certificates. All production stages are controlled to manufacture safe playgrounds for kids.

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturer in Europe. Our products are premium quality and competitive prices. With these advantages our company grow so fast in the market.

We have young, energic, well educated and experienced team. With these energy our company develope innovative products. We reserve too much resources for research and development activities each year.

Our team develope customised designs, projects and products specially for our customers. Even we have software development department. We may develope customised electronic entegrated toys for the soft play areas.

Soft Play Supplier

We know that if we develope innovative play areas our customers may earn. And we try to create that type of products. If you look for a innovative soft play supplier we are ready to serve you.

Contact us for further informations.

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