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Soft Play Playgrounds' Safety

Soft play playground areas are soft and safe areas. All surfaces must be soft. And kids may be run inside safe. All heights must be adjusted to reduce injury risk. All experienced safety rules are writen inside EN 1176 and EN 117 standarts. If a playground manufactured comply with these standarts we may say yes its safe. But to say 100% safe we must apply some working rules too

Kids Playground

First rule is age restrictions. Or we may apply weight and height restrictions. Because ın a soft play play area 2 age and 12 age kids play together, 2 years age kid is allways have injury risks. We must dvide area 2 closed parts. Toddler soft play area 2-4 age groups, Kids playground areas 4-10 age group. But correct classification may be with heigh.

Second rule is about correct wearing. Sharp and hard surface items like rings, earings etc. must be stricly forbidden. Kids must wear comfortable wearings like sport wearings. No shoes must be allowed inside.

Third rule is foods, drinks etc msut be forbidden.

And forth rule is area rules like using each trampolines individually, capacities, climb forbidden areas or parts.

If you put a rules table at the entrance and if all players obey these rules and your operators carrefully control the kids if they obey these rules or not you don have any risk for an accident. Normally our compnay prepare these rule table and our installers hang it at the entrance

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