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Flame Retardancy in Soft Play Manufacturing

Flame retardancy is very very important in soft play areas for kids safety. If flame retardent foam is not used in playground its easly flamable and finishing those fire is nearly impossible. And with this flames a dark smoke occupy all atmosphere and you can not bearth in seconds

In Russia Kemerova Mall died 64 people in that type of fire in year 2018. Some of them died because of smoke, some of them died because of fire.

Flame Retardancy in Soft Play Manufacturing

To prevent this type of disasters we use all playground materials flame retardent. Flame retardancy means if you apply a flame in a standart period, flame must be finished in some time maximum. And also must have some smoke spread amount maximum.

If material is comply with these standarts it has no fire danger. You and kids are in safe position. We may supply flame retardancy test reports for all our materials.

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