Indoor Playground Manufacturer


Our company Tunapel Kids is indoor playground manufacturer in Turkey. We manufacture premium grade indoor playgrounds in our plants. We use 100% Turkish raw materials. Turkish raw materials are high quality materials. And they have advantages prices.


We use 1100 DY PVC which is 650gr/m2. It has long life. We get good results even under the sun. We use premium quality nets. We have some systems working under the sun 3-4 years and still working. Our balls have CE sign. 150 kg compression strenght. 


Our plastics are polyethilene. We use aluminium mold to get proper plastic surface. You may check our plastic quality on our installed project page. We show our real installation photos there.


Tunapel Kids is biggest indoor playground manufaturer in Turkey. And it is one of the biggest in Europe. We export our goods all over the world. Our main markets are Europe, Middle East, Asia. We have too may refferences in all over the world. 


In Turkey nearly all biggests shopping malls are our customer. Nearly 60-70 installed systems in that shopping malls were manufactured by Tunapel Kids.


Our installation team can do installation in whole world. 


We have a professional installation team. Can do installation on all world. Our small systems shipped with an installation instruction. It is very easy to install them. We use pannel system in our playgrounds. 



Indoor Playground Manufacturer


We have a young design team. They do a design that you can imagine. Please tell us your dream. We are here to make your dream true.


All our systems have 2 year waranty.