Tunapel Kids is an experienced challenge game manufacturer and supplier in Turkey. It developes electronic entegrated challenge games. Our mechatronic engineers develope innovative proudcts give the players competition feelings. And with this feeling playgrounds and trampoline parks are more atractive 


When you open a new trampoline area or soft play playground it atracts new customers and they get too much fun there. But in the time they may start to find your area boring. They only jump or they only follow soft play path. It need a little excitement. Need some new things to be continue atractive.

Our research team work on this issue and generate several different activities esspecially challenge feeling gives the players too much fun. We developed some standart challenge activities. And our team may develope customised electronic games with your ideas.

If you have a game idea please share with us we may develope it specially for you.

Please call us for further information.